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SECONDS | Natural + Onyx Two-Tone Low Fält | EU 37

SECONDS | Natural + Onyx Two-Tone Low Fält | EU 37

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KIT + 2ECONDS is an anti-waste project that gives you the opportunity to get near-to-perfect clogs for a discounted price.

Like all workshops, we sometimes find minor manufacturing faults with items we've already produced. While we aren't happy to sell these items full price they are in otherwise great and wearable condition.

This pair of size 37 Two-Tone Fält sandals has been on display in our studio for a few weeks. Because of this the natural leather has started to darken a little in tone (this patination process is natural and happens to all our veg-tanned clogs with time and wear). This won't affect the durability of the clogs. They are in otherwise perfect condition. Please see image. Every pair of seconds is 100% wearable and all faults are purely aesthetic. Seconds are returnable as normal.

Please note: our seconds are all one offs and sold first come first served. If you need a different size or colour you can check out the same styles in our full price collection.


“FÄLT” Swedish [noun] “field”

A beautiful, handwoven, slip-on sandal. Our Fält sandal has a classic, earthy feel and a comfortable fit. To create our two-tone Fält we've woven natural and black leathers together.

This season’s collection showcases the beauty of natural, undyed leather. With time and exposure to the elements the surface of natural leather develops a unique patina, becoming warmer and deeper in tone and buttery soft to the touch. It has the most dramatic change in appearance of any other leather, allowed to freely transform and evolve with every step. Using really simple, stripped back materials brings our products back to nature. With this collection we celebrate the materials’ natural instincts, the wild elements that reflect the heart of the craft and the ethos at the core of our brand.

Our Low Fält clog has woven, stapled leather uppers with an open toe and back. The dark Alder wood base has a low 30mm heel. All of our wooden bases are ergonomically shaped inside and out for comfort and have a rubber grip on the sole. With time and wear both the leather and wooden base will soften and begin to mould to the shape of your foot.


The fit of this style is true to size in length and suits most foot widths. The woven uppers hug your foot and stretch to its unique width.

The fit and feel of each of our clogs varies. If you have a wider or narrower foot it may be that certain styles are better suited to you. Please bear this in mind and refer to the measurements and information in our SIZE GUIDE carefully before ordering. 

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