Raw, Natural Beauty.

Raw, Natural Beauty.

This season's collection goes back to basics by showcasing the raw beauty of natural leather. 

What does "natural" leather mean?

Natural leather is an incredible material to work with. When we say "natural" we mean leather that has not been coloured with dyes or treated or coated with any chemicals or natural finishes. All of our leather is sustainably-sourced as a bi-product of the food industry so our natural leather is about as low impact as it can get. Often factories will "cherry pick" only the middle parts of the leather, the areas that have the most consistent finish and appearance, and leave the edges or areas that have marks or variation to go to waste. We use every part of the leather to make our clogs to avoid wastage. We think it's important to celebrate the variation and unique quality of natural materials and therefore respect the plants and animals that they are made from. Because of this our natural leather has one of the most unique and totally natural finishes of all our leathers. The look and feel of this leather will change and evolve every day in a way that's unique to you and the way that you wear your clogs.

PATINA (noun)  : the surface appearance of something grown beautiful especially with age or use.

Natural leather isn't just amazing for its eco credentials. In its rawest form the leather is free to change and evolve in its feel and appearance unhindered by dyes or coatings.

Natural leather starts off a very pale, peachy pink colour and over time, with wear and exposure to the elements, develops a darker, tanned tone. There are loads of different factors that can affect how the colour of your clogs will develop: sunlight, moisture, the natural oils on your hands and feet. The patina is always unique and varies across the whole surface of the leather for a beautiful, mottled appearance.

As well as developing a deeper colour, Natural leather will also begin to soften and give as you wear them. Natural leather often moulds to the shape of your feet faster than treated leathers making them fit like a second skin in no time.

"I've never had so many compliments than I do with my beloved and battered natural clogs. They've seen me through thick and thin and carry little souvenirs of our adventures together."

The rate at which these changes occur is completely different for each pair of clogs and the leather never stops evolving. You'll marvel at the journey your natural leather clogs take. Like a fine wine or a battered old leather sofa, your clogs will only get better with age.

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The pair on the left here is around 1 week old (from the date it was unboxed!) and has been worn 3 times. The pair of the right here is about 6 months old and only has light wear.
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