Collection: SECONDS

KIT + 2ECONDS is an anti-waste project that gives you the opportunity to get near-to-perfect clogs for a discounted price.

2ECONDS is a celebration of the quirks of handmade items and a rejection of fast-fashion practices. These pairs carry the marks of their makers and of our workshop. Each quirk has a story, connecting you with the talented hands that crafted your clogs. Each purchase is a choice that drives a more sustainable future for fashion.


Like all workshops, we sometimes find minor manufacturing faults with items we've already produced. While we aren't happy to sell these items full price they are in otherwise great and wearable condition, save for a unique quirk or two ;-) To avoid letting these clogs go to waste we've decided to make them available to you for the first time through our web store. Simply order a pair online as you would any other pair. All product and size information will be provided in the product description. All quirks will be described in detail and photographed so you have complete transparency on your purchase. We price each pair accordingly. Every pair of seconds is 100% wearable and all faults are purely aesthetic. Seconds are returnable as normal. Please note: our seconds are all one offs and sold first come first served. If you need a different size or colour you can check out the same styles in our full price collection.