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Black KIT Jacket

Black KIT Jacket

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A unisex utility jacket with three pockets and wooden button fastening. Made using deadstock denim here in the UK. 


Designed with clean lines and simple cuts, our first clothing line has a workwear aesthetic that complements our clogs and reflects the durability and longevity of truly hard-wearing, quality, handmade items.

Each garment is designed and ethically made by hand here in the UK, supporting local makers and traditional crafts close to home. We have loved staying connected to the pieces at every step of their journey, ensuring the highest standard of quality and care and creating a collection that is truly close to our hearts. Classic shapes and unisex patterns make a timeless collection of wearable every day staples to love and live in.

Each piece of #kitclothing is carefully constructed from dead stock organic cottons sourced in the UK and handmade using small batch production in London. The small batch production and our use of dead stock means that there are only a limited number of pieces available at one time. The garments are then given to our friend and local craftsperson Laura, who uses indigo dye to colour each piece by hand using traditional methods. Our KIT labels and wooden buttons are sewn on by hand to finish each piece and give our own stamp of quality approval.

Variations in colour and evenness and gradual fading are characteristic of traditional garment dyeing. The raw base of the fabric may peek through occasionally at the seams, this shouldn't be considered a defect but rather a part of the charm and uniqueness of the garment.


All KIT clothing comes in sizes 1-4. Please refer to the measurements below to help you to choose the correct size.

Shoulder to Shoulder:
1 - 49cm
2 - 50.5cm
3 - 52cm
4 - 53.5cm

1 - 53.3cm
2 - 56.3cm
3 - 59.3cm
4 - 62.3cm

1 - 53cm
2 - 56cm
3 - 59cm
4 - 62cm

1 - 69.1cm
2 - 70.6cm
3 - 72.1cm
4 - 73.6cm
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